Thankful In Everything

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time of the year when we’re to reflect on the Lord’s goodness. We’re to be thankful for all of the good things that God has done for us. Notice that I said “good things…”

I believe that God is good and that He has no plans to harm us because He loves us. I believe that God isn’t able to inflict any suffering upon us because God is love and His nature is to bless us with good. It bothers me when I hear Christians confess and credit things to God that aren’t Biblical. If a Christian lacks knowledge of God’s Word, he/she will fall victim to the enemy’s lies.

Understand that worldly wisdom may sound noble but anything that contradicts God’s Word is a lie from the pits of Hell. 

I burn with passion when I hear my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ confess and believe things that simply aren’t true. I get fired up about the Bible. I desperately want to see people set free by the truth in it. It’s awful to see people comforted by the lies of the world. True and lasting comfort comes from Jesus Christ, the living Word.

The Bible requires faith, study and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Worldly wisdom and noble thoughts don’t require any real thought, action or responsibility so people become easily deceived and drawn to those sugar-coated lies.

Here’s some examples of unbiblical quotes that I’ve heard and even believed myself in my past:
– Thank God for the good and bad or thank God for “everything.”
– Thank God for sickness.
– Thank God for lack.
– Thank God for closed doors.
– Thank God for tribulations.
– Thank God for punishment.
– Thank God for giving and taking away.


Why would a Christian thank God for bad things when God’s nature is good?

It’s a result of the enemy blinding people. He can only blind those that don’t know the truth (don’t read and “hear” the Bible). He convinces people that God is in control of everything and that He’s some evil schizophrenic tyrant that gives both good and bad.

The crazy thing is, people will believe anything if someone adds God’s name to it if they don’t know what the Bible actually says. People will also believe what they’re taught by false teachers or dead teachers because in this situation, the blind leads the blind. People will also believe what anyone says about a particular Bible verse simply because it’s a Bible verse (taken out of its context).

Two of the most twisted scriptures come from Job 1:21 “God gives and God takes away,” and Job 13:15 “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” Christians use this verse when they find themselves in trouble. They throw the blame on God instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. Anyone who quotes this verse is deceived because they clearly didn’t read the whole book of Job. That’s why we must read everything! In the first chapter, it was Satan who clearly inflicted Job with many curses. Job said foolish things because he was in anguish and ignorant of the enemy’s schemes. Thank God that today, we born-again believers have been given back our authority over the enemy because of Jesus’ finished work on the cross. GLORY TO GOD!

Now the reason that these foolish beliefs are detrimental is because they don’t bring ANY glory to God. How can God get the glory by harming people? This is why so many people are confused about the Bible. They think that it contradicts itself because of the Law of Moses and the doctrines of men. This is why I wrote “Bible Journey!” We must read the Bible for ourselves, line upon line and within its context – rightly dividing the truth.

We can’t be confident Christians if we’re scared, confused and ignorant of the Bible. Our trust and comfort in God comes when we spend time in His Word getting to know Him better by growing in His grace and knowledge.

How could we truly be thankful and bless the Lord with all our soul if we bring foolishness to God? How could we possibly give praise to God by thanking Him for things that He’s never done? In other words, how dare we tell the Lord, “thank you” for all of the evil things that we’ve allowed Satan to give us?

This isn’t thanksgiving. Its insulting and highly offensive to our Father. How do I know? God’s Word says, “Jesus came to give us life more abundantly and the devil came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).” That’s scripture! That’s the truth! Every good and perfect gift comes from God in Heaven. Every evil comes from Satan. Don’t ever confuse the two! Pray for spiritual discernment and be set free!

All in all, we’re called to be thankful IN everything not thankful FOR everything. God is in control but He isn’t the force behind evil. It’s Satan whose running lose deceiving the whole world… even Christians (who aren’t rooted in God’s Word).

I want to encourage you to spend time seeking the truth by reading the Bible’s entirety. Find out the truth and choose to believe it so that you may be full of the peace and joy that comes from truly knowing God. You’ll grow confidence in the Lord Jesus and your praise will be full of pure thanksgiving!

Book Recommendations:
– Psalm 103
– “Bible Journey” by me, Jennifer Quetant
– “The Effects of Praise” by Andrew Wommack

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