Book Review: This Dangerous Book

In exchange of my gift of Steve and Jackie’s upcoming book, ‘This Dangerous Book,’ I will be sharing my personal book review in this blog with high aspirations of encouraging others to read this incredible book!

The duo-authors are a Christian couple with an undeniable and unashamed love for God’s Word. They each have a passion for collecting Biblical artifacts that is so vast that they decided to share their findings with the world in their new establishment called the ‘Museum of the Bible!’ This museum will be opening up in November of 2017 in Washington, D.C. The Greens have hopes of bringing people together to showcase the Bible’s extensive and collective history. Notably, they aren’t pushing their faith on anyone. Instead, they’re simply showcasing Biblical facts so that people may gain more knowledge and insight on what the Bible is, where it came from and it’s impact on the entire world.

The Bible is near and dear to their family. The Greens stand on God’s Word in every area of their lives. It’s credited to be the foundation of all their great success. Steve Green is president of Hobby Lobby and his wife Jackie, is a full-time homemaker and mother to six children. Their influential lives are living testimonies that the Bible’s principles are fundamental, remarkable and valuable today.

‘This Dangerous Book’ will take you into the depths of the values of Biblical artifacts. It will inform you about the process of obtaining such valuable items and what many suffered just to make a way for all of the future generations to obtain them.

The substantial information written in this book has compelled me to become far more appreciative of my Bible collection. Today, it’s easy to purchase a copy of a Bible or download one for free. However, there were times when the Bible was not accessible to the general public nor was it available in most languages. Sadly, many countries today have banned the Bible due to their religious beliefs. Millions have even been severely persecuted for its sake!

I’m incredibly thankful to be a United States citizen that has access to my Bible at any given time. I learned in this book how our nation was (for the most part) founded on Biblical principles. It’s no coincidence that there’s no other nation in the world today as successful as the United States of America.

I believe it’s a part of God’s beautiful plan that the Greens founded the Museum of the Bible. Now all those with open-hearts and curious minds have an awesome opportunity to see the Bible come alive for themselves!

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