We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!

Rest In Peace Officer Eric Talley and all of the victims involved with the recent Colorado and Atlanta attacks. These are signs of the End. Lawlessness is increasing. Repent, believe the gospel, and become a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ! Pray for the victims families and friends and for revival to hit our nation…… Continue reading We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!


Thank you so much Dr. DL Teamor for answering God’s ministerial call on your life. I thank God for answering my prayers when He connected us together recently. It feels like I’ve known you forever. Your ministry is such a blessing in my life. You came into my life at just the right time. I…… Continue reading (PROMO) PRODUCT REVIEW

Dream Big in 2021

Hello everyone, I’ve been writing down my goals for the year, praying a lot, reading my Bible every day and seeking God for “what’s next.” I can hear God speaking to me, but I know have to completely surrender to his will for my life in order for the next door of opportunity to be…… Continue reading Dream Big in 2021

Be Patient in Your Season of Waiting

A message of encouragement for those feeling weary in their season of waiting. Do not grow weary or complain. Praise and seek God because He is using this season as an opportunity for your spiritual growth so that you can learn to trust Him. He is faithful, and His Word will not return to Him…… Continue reading Be Patient in Your Season of Waiting