YOU ARE CALLED TO PRAY! (Intercessory Prayer)

Ever felt God tugging on your heart to pray for something or someone but you don’t? The Old Testament prophet Samuel called this act a sin. Let’s study the bible together and learn the importance of praying without ceasing for ourselves and others. Key Bible Verses: 1 Samuel 12:23; Matthew 5:44; 11:28-30; and 1 Thessalonians…… Continue reading YOU ARE CALLED TO PRAY! (Intercessory Prayer)

Praise Confuses the Enemy

Dream: 2/20/18 I was driving my husband’s car to school, and after class I noticed that someone had shattered his backseat window. Everyone in the school ended up in an auditorium and was listening to a guest speaker. It seemed as if there were thousands of students. The speaker ended up standing next to…… Continue reading Praise Confuses the Enemy