I am Secure in Grace

My sermon notes from today’s message from Dr. Creflo Dollar’s preaching of “I am Secure in Grace.” (1/10/21) https://youtu.be/ClFOuaViirA Church website: https://www.worldchangers.org/ *Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate marketing ads/links. This means that I will receive a commission if you purchase something through an ad that you see here. You do not have to pay…… Continue reading I am Secure in Grace

No More Self Righteousness

World Changers Church started a new segment a few weeks ago called, ‘No More Self Righteousness.’ I wrote notes down from week 2 and 3 from Pastors Micheal Smith and Dr. Creflo Dollar. Sermon: http://www.worldchangers.org/watch-and-listen/archived-services I pray that this resource will be a great encouragement and motivation for you as you grow closer to our Abba…… Continue reading No More Self Righteousness