Woman of God, Don’t Settle! (Pray for a Husband)

A word of hope and encouragement on my heart for Christian women who are in their waiting season praying for husbands. Woman of God, please do not settle! You are so worthy and deserve God’s absolute best. https://youtu.be/UiXJc72tIRE What are you reading in the Bible? I am currently on Isaiah 49 in my Bible Journey…… Continue reading Woman of God, Don’t Settle! (Pray for a Husband)

Desire a Relationship with God

What bothers me the most is these social media “relationship pastors.” These guys and gals are our modern day love doctors. All they preach about is finding your mate. And, it really erks my nerves!  Yes,  I am happily married, equally yoked, deep in love and all of that good stuff. But, nothing compares to my…… Continue reading Desire a Relationship with God