We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!

Rest In Peace Officer Eric Talley and all of the victims involved with the recent Colorado and Atlanta attacks. These are signs of the End. Lawlessness is increasing. Repent, believe the gospel, and become a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ! Pray for the victims families and friends and for revival to hit our nation…… Continue reading We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!

URGENT! Pray for Persecuted Christians

https://youtu.be/0vyFQdjlRgg Christians, please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world who suffer for their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They need our prayers and support! Nobody deserves to be persecuted for their faith in any religion. Pray for religious freedom everywhere and pray fervently for Christians because…… Continue reading URGENT! Pray for Persecuted Christians

Book Review: A Better Way to Pray

I am honored to participate in this blogging opportunity as a book reviewer for Andrew Womack’s “A Better Way to Pray!” I entered a book giveaway contest and was chose to review this book before the contest even ended. Can we say, “FAVOR!” Honestly, I prayed that I would win. I was confident of winning because I…… Continue reading Book Review: A Better Way to Pray

Learning How to Pray Like Jesus

What is prayer?Praying is when we have a conversation with God.  What are the benefits of prayer?Praying is a privilege. We experience God’s presence when we pray. Praying develops our faith and gives us “God-confidence.” How should we pray?When we pray we should pray with boldness! Religion tells us that we can’t go to God…… Continue reading Learning How to Pray Like Jesus