The Christian Life

Did you know that the Bible doesn’t mention the word “Christian” or “Christianity?” Why? Because God never told us to be Christian. A Christian as we know it is someone who says they believe in Jesus as God. This is not what it means to be right with God. Why? Because even demons believe in … Continue reading The Christian Life

Breakfast with Jesus

In John 21:1-14, some of the disciples joined Peter on a late-night fishing mission. But, none of them were able to catch any fish all night. At dawn, they heard a friendly voice call out from the shore with instructions on how to catch some fish. Gracefully, after taking heed, the disciples were able to catch … Continue reading Breakfast with Jesus

No Imputation of Sin

My personal notes from Part 4 of the series 'No Imputation of Sin' by Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International, 8.20.2017 Click here to watch the full sermon.These truths ought to make you shout, 'Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!’ Impute – charge to one’s account, hold against, hold responsibleNow that you’ve been born-again, there’s a commitment from God that there will … Continue reading No Imputation of Sin

Lust, Porn, Masturbation

Are you struggling with lust, porn addiction, and masturbating? God says to flee from sexual sins because it harms our bodies. No other sin can do that. Jesus freed us from sins bondage and the wicked desires of our flesh. I want to encourage you to seek God for your deliverance in the scriptures, prayer, and … Continue reading Lust, Porn, Masturbation

The Measure of Faith

God has gave every man "a" or "the" measure of faith. We all have faith. So even unbelievers have this gift... God clearly exists! Even nature knows it! Every thing that has breath must praise The Lord & every knee shall bow. So when we don't use what we have or ACTIVATE our faith, we're actually rejecting … Continue reading The Measure of Faith