We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!

Rest In Peace Officer Eric Talley and all of the victims involved with the recent Colorado and Atlanta attacks. These are signs of the End. Lawlessness is increasing. Repent, believe the gospel, and become a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ! Pray for the victims families and friends and for revival to hit our nation…… Continue reading We Are In The Last Days…Obey God’s Commands!

Encouragement for the End Times

WARS, RUMORS OF WARS, FAMINES, EARTHQUAKES, TORNADOES, VOLCANO ERUPTIONS, TSUNAMIS, PESTILENCES, AND CORONAVIRUS! Can you believe the times that we’re in? Jesus said in Matthew 24, that these are the beginning of birth pangs – signs of the End Times. Ever since he left, we have been living in the Last Days… On all of…… Continue reading Encouragement for the End Times