Withholding Nothing

DREAM: FEB 11, 2018In my dream, my family was living in a special home that seemed like a mission home or some other type of Christian housing. The owners or house authorities took care of children with problems or without parents. Maybe, there were refugees. I'm not sure.  Well, we ended up kicking us out. They rushed … Continue reading Withholding Nothing

An Angelic Encounter

Dream - 2.8.2018I was in a house with some family and for some reason we needed a miracle. This woman came to the door and I just knew she was an angel. I was so excited to see her and wanted her to stay. People were skeptical about her being an angel but I knew … Continue reading An Angelic Encounter

Faith Like David

Good morning world!It's 6am and I'm just waking up to an awesome dream!! I had a David & Goliath experience. We all face these types of battles. But this was one was physical! In a sense... I like to think this was a vision because it felt so real to me. I typed this up … Continue reading Faith Like David