Servanthood: The Pathway to Success

Hello, you guys! I hope all is well. So…my family and I are members of World Changers Church International (WCCI) led by Dr. Creflo Dollar. This week’s Sunday service (3/14/2021) was part 4 of our series on Servanthood. I cannot get enough of this teaching! It is so relevant and much needed in the church…… Continue reading Servanthood: The Pathway to Success

START WALKING IN LOVE TODAY: Walking in Love Helps Us Share God’s Truth

Are you tired of the divisions that are wrecking havoc on our world today both inside and outside of the church? If you answered ‘YES’, this message is for you! The answer to peace and unity is to walk in love. You cannot change the actions of others, but you can ultimately create change in…… Continue reading START WALKING IN LOVE TODAY: Walking in Love Helps Us Share God’s Truth

Winning in Spiritual Warfare

Hello everyone! I’m back again with a blog post of my notes from today’s church service. I am a member of Dr. Creflo Dollar’s World Changers Church International. Yes, you heard that right! Before you jump on the bandwagon with the naysayers, take some time to actually sit and listen to my pastor preach the…… Continue reading Winning in Spiritual Warfare

God’s Voice vs. Our Thoughts

There’s time when deep is just calling into deep. There’s not clarity, there’s just trust. There’s not understanding, there’s just faith.Ben Courson, ‘God’s Voice VS Our Thoughts’, Praise on TBN This message was right on-time! Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding a career. In my spirit, I totally hear God calling me into ministry. I…… Continue reading God’s Voice vs. Our Thoughts

I am Secure in Grace

My sermon notes from today’s message from Dr. Creflo Dollar’s preaching of “I am Secure in Grace.” (1/10/21) Church website: *Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate marketing ads/links. This means that I will receive a commission if you purchase something through an ad that you see here. You do not have to pay…… Continue reading I am Secure in Grace

Dream Big in 2021

Hello everyone, I’ve been writing down my goals for the year, praying a lot, reading my Bible every day and seeking God for “what’s next.” I can hear God speaking to me, but I know have to completely surrender to his will for my life in order for the next door of opportunity to be…… Continue reading Dream Big in 2021

Sermon Notes: Sinning After Being Born Again

Hello! I am a member of Dr. Creflo Dollar’s, World Changers International Church in Georgia. Last Sunday, 12/27/20, his sermon was titled ‘Sinning After Being Born Again.’ I soaked it all up and wrote down notes in my notepad to share with you. This message provides clarity for Christians who have felt condemned and unworthy.…… Continue reading Sermon Notes: Sinning After Being Born Again

Doing the Lord’s Work Clips from my weekend to encourage you to get to work for our Lord because he is near! Scripture Reading Joshua 1:7-9 (NASB) Recent Blog “Encouragement for the End Times” [Read it here]:… — Please do not forget to follow my blog for more posts! TAGS: #biblejourney #thegreatcommission #lastdays The Light International Church…… Continue reading Doing the Lord’s Work

It is No Longer I Who Live, But Christ Lives in Me Sharing one of my favorite Bible verses in church to supplement our current series on Relationships. “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God,…… Continue reading It is No Longer I Who Live, But Christ Lives in Me