Biblical Life Application

God is a gentlemen. He doesn’t force His love on anyone. He created us with free-will. He’s given us authority. When He sees His people struggling, He can’t step in and do anything unless we allow Him to. We can’t say that God is in control over everything. We have to remember that His Word … Continue reading Biblical Life Application

How I Learned How to Forgive

So lately I've been mediating on the big "F" known as "Forgiveness…" God says that we must be quick to forgive everyone if we expect Him to do the same for us. Forgiveness is the greatest expression of love (in my opinion). God could have destroyed us. Yet, He forgave us because He loved us. He sent His Son, Jesus … Continue reading How I Learned How to Forgive

How to Become a Firm Believer

We were created to have fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ. He died to know us. He doesn't want us to live our lives without Him, leaning on our own understanding, struggling through life as if we only lived to die. He wants to show us the light, set us free and to prosper in … Continue reading How to Become a Firm Believer