God’s Voice vs. Our Thoughts

There’s time when deep is just calling into deep. There’s not clarity, there’s just trust. There’s not understanding, there’s just faith.

Ben Courson, ‘God’s Voice VS Our Thoughts’, Praise on TBN

This message was right on-time! Lately, I’ve been struggling with finding a career. In my spirit, I totally hear God calling me into ministry. I often battle within my mind about this calling. But then, I look at the obvious and tell myself “DUHH!” God gave me a strong passion for his word, led me to publish spiritual growth books, started a blog, a faith-based business, and then, sent me to bible college!

Ugh. I just really hate how I do this to myself sometimes…allowing the enemy to try to steal God’s plan from me. For two years, I’ve been searching for my “dream job.” I’ve been asking God for clarity, understanding, a clear plan, for two years! I frustrate myself when I do this. But, I know good and well that I am called and it’s all in God’s timing.

God never promised us a blueprint. He gave us his word, the Holy Spirit, faith, and his Son Jesus Christ! Why do we keep asking for stuff that aren’t necessary for our knowing? We just have to trust that He is in control, knows the future, and will not allow our feet to stumble as long as we’re earnestly seeking after him. Things will fall in to place. We just have to take things step-by-step and one day at a time.

Do not confuse yourself because God is not the author of that but of peace. We have to be still and walk by faith. It doesn’t matter what we cannot physically sense. Faith is trusting God even we do not know what’s exactly next. God is good and he loves us, so that means his plan is perfect and will come to pass in its time. Do not let the enemy deceive you and do not overthink. Just trust and be patient!

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