Dream Big in 2021

Hello everyone,

I’ve been writing down my goals for the year, praying a lot, reading my Bible every day and seeking God for “what’s next.” I can hear God speaking to me, but I know have to completely surrender to his will for my life in order for the next door of opportunity to be opened in my life. I found this video on YouTube and it was right on time! Pastor Joakim of Life.Church (Sweden), encourages us to expand our hears to fit the vision that God has for us in 2021. Let’s GO!

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I didn’t want to lose face. I didn’t want to act like a complete idiot…That’s the definition of pride. When you’re so concerned about your own self-image that you elevate that concern above your obedience to whatever the spirit of God is telling you to do right now.

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist, ‘Dream Big in 2021”, 0:13:37-0:13:49), Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden

This is a word from the Lord for me! It’s like I’m pretending to act like I don’t hear from God about my calling because I’m masking it by fear of what people might think of me or what I think of myself (concerning my call to ministry).

Take Away: When God gives us “big ideas” we have to be faithful even when it doesn’t look possible. ALL THINGS are possible WITH GOD! I literally believe that God can do anything. I keep hearing that in my spirit. We can’t limit him and the visions that he’s given us. We have to trust and walk in obedience to his word.


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