The Hidden Agenda Behind Racism

I have been silent on the issues of racism because I am frustrated with it as a black woman and I know that the hearts of some men will always be evil…But I am not silent with my prayers and tears. I have been praying for change and for God to show people the truth.

If I could shout from from the mountaintops, I would say, “the root is Satan!” It’s so simple and easy to see for those walking by faith in the Spirit. Sadly, many are spiritually dead and governed by their physical senses.

If people would just take the Bible for what it says, change will come. Raise your kids right and love people as God loves you. This is the sum total of God’s command to us. However, many fall into deception, rebellion, and sin.

Anywho, my husband and I found this video on YouTube where a pastor gets down to the root with biblical scriptures taught with simplicity.

Watch until the end and share with others so that people can understand.

God is love!

1 John 4:7-21






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