Pray for Persecuted Christians

“It’s time for the American church to WAKE UP and make the suffering of global Christians a TOP PRIORITY!”


Let us never go a day without being thankful for where we are today spiritually and physically and to pray for the strength, faith, and deliverance of our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer intensely around the world.

I have been following Christian Persecution for years. From my understanding, they know that God is getting the glory for their suffering, so they ask that we pray for their strength and not their deliverance because many of their loved ones and neighbors come to the Lord through their faith. However, I just cannot help but pray for help. It is not right for people to suffer because of their faith. It is not right for anyone to torture and kill because they do not agree with you. This is hatred and it is a clear sign of the End Times. I am asking that you please watch this YouTube video below, like, share, and pray for all Christians everywhere to stay firm until the end because Jesus Christ is certainly at the door and will be here soon.

The world hates Jesus, so the world also hates his followers. We have to expect this horror and accept it knowing that we share in the suffering of Christ and bring him glory. In the end, we win because Jesus already won the battle. Our sins are forgiven and we will reign with him forever and ever.

Never stop praying and trusting in the Lord. ♥️

I am currently creating a 6-8 week curriculum for class on 1 Peter because of its message of godly living. The most dominant theme in this book however, is suffering through persecution. It is such a horrible thing, but it comes with the cost of following Jesus Christ. I want to encourage you to read this 5-chapter book in one setting so that you may be inspired to live righteously for the Lord and to consider those who are being persecuted today.






Hope Ministries Uganda:USA
Hope Ministries Uganda: USA

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