Spiritual Growth

We have the Holy Spirit and the Bible. If we read the Word and allow the Spirit to guide us as we apply it, then we’ll walk according to God’s plan (be sanctified). Not saying it’s easy, just saying how it’s totally possible if we let God lead us.

I’m set in believing that spiritual growth ultimately comes from the Word. If we truly want to get closer to God, we have to read and be convicted of His Word. I didn’t grow up reading the Bible. At 17, I got saved. A few years later, I started to read the whole Bible for the first time ever. I had no biblical foundation. I was raised in an unhealthy environment. I believe that God drew me to the Bible. It’s a miracle that I’m even taking this course. I was SO far from God. I had no interest with the Word. But now my entire life is governed by it and it (Jesus) alone. I am now only 25 years old.

Sure people can help us. But we all need to make it our business to personally get to know God (read and apply the Bible). We can’t depend on people’s opinions and inventions.

I think that people stop growing spiritually when they don’t want to personally commit to the Lord. Until Jesus comes back or death, we must be growing spiritually. God never stops talking or giving wisdom to those who ask. We can’t be lazy or dependent on others. We ought to keep our fire burning for God by choosing to read the Bible, pray, and apply the Bible everyday so that we may be mature in the Lord. God is not the one to blame for spiritually immaturity or stagnancy.

People should be able to hear God calling them to grow and that the purpose is within the Bible. Jesus gave us eternal life. In John 17:3, eternal life means to know God. Our lives ought to be centered around knowing God. We automatically grow spiritually when we get to know God. It’s not something we can do on our own or be taught. God draws Himself to us (and works in us (Philippians 1:6). The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and understanding. We don’t need imperfect man teaching us (1 John 2:27). For instance, an instructor may teach a Christian course. However, h/she can’t teach people to grow spiritually. Each day plays a part of spiritual growth. We have to experience God on our own. We can’t expect people to always be there for us with every spiritual need. God wants to be that One to depend on. People don’t grow spiritually when they allow others to tell them everything they need to do. Life itself teaches us how we should depend on God.

I don’t want to start a debate. This is just the way that I believe now that my mind is renewed to the Word of God. People often seek me for help with their spiritual growth. I always feel uneasy because I think that they should be seeking God. When I tell them to read the Bible, they think that I’m joking around or they feel bummed because they don’t have the willpower or wisdom for Bible study.

If you don’t understand the Bible, ask God. If you don’t have interest in the Bible, ask God for the desire. If you’re completely uninterested in the Bible, then you won’t ever grow spiritually. That’s my only solution. For me, the only thing that caused me to grow was the the Holy’s Spirit’s guidance concerning Biblical application. For those struggling to grow spiritually, consider repenting of sins, asking God for His desires, and a heart for His Word.

*Scripture to read: Joshua 1:8,  Psalm 1,  Proverbs,  James 1:5
*Video: https://vimeo.com/7099832

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