Jesus Want to Know You

God desires an intimate relationship with us. John 17:3 says, “eternal life is all about knowing Him. [emphasis mine]” It’s not about getting into heaven just to escape death. The Lord created us to have fellowship with Him. He doesn’t care about fake religion and hypocrisy. He wants us to live out our “Sunday’s” each day. The Lord wants us to daily walk with Him through His Word. Shouting in church on Sunday and cussing out someone in traffic or in the grocery store on Monday doesn’t glorify God. He doesn’t require that we be perfect, but He does require a loving and sincere relationship. When we walk with the Lord, we’ll begin to look like Him. But when we don’t follow Jesus according to His Word, we don’t accomplish anything for the Kingdom. God wants us to love but we can’t love with out knowing LOVE. GOD IS LOVE! 

..So I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile now, but I was indecisive because I wasn’t confident. I wasn’t sure if my thoughts were aligned with the truth if the Word. I was inspired to go ahead and write this post after completing Day 37 devotional from the “Bible In One Year” app (2018).

Here’s a snapshot of the section that resonated on my heart:

When I started to grow in God’s Word, I began to realize how extreme God’s love is for us. I also considered His attitude towards His people in the times of the OT. He’s shown me so much mercy and grace through Christ. The Holy Spirit convicts me of my righteousness in Him. I can no longer continue this life the way I want and still label myself a Christian. There’s more to this Christian life besides the afterlife… God wants our life on earth to be as it is in heaven. After all, He created us so that we would walk with Him.

I’ve been guilty of being a hypocrite. I was active in church performing all of my so-called good works. However, I didn’t know two things about Jesus Christ. I didn’t know Him personally. I only knew a little bit about Him. Therefore, my life bore bad fruit. Since I didn’t actually know Jesus, I didn’t know my purpose for being on this earth. Jesus gives us purpose. He is why we’re here!

Now faith without works is dead. We don’t work to earn salvation or God’s blessings because that’s called, “grace.” However, our lives must bear good fruit by allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us. Jesus says that those that love Him, keep His commandments and bear good fruit.

I want to live a godly life because God sacrificed Jesus for me. He bankrupted Heaven’s best for me. Jesus gave up His life so that I may have His—that’s full of beauty, truth, abundance, grace, wisdom, hope, and glory! How can anyone that has a intimate relationship with the Lord not reflect a life of power and glory? It’s impossible. Walking closely with God will cause anyone’s face to shine bright. Take Moses for example when He came down Mt. Sinai!

On the other hand, it’s impossible to live a successful Christian life without biblical application. It’s impossible to know God and not know His Word. It’s impossible to know anyone without having a solid relationship.

Desire to walk with the Lord, Your God. He didn’t die just for you to escape a burning hell. He died to get to know YOU! 

My message: Get to know the God that died for you. He wants to be your friend. He loves you so much and doesn’t want your life to be robbed of the real Christian way of living. If the Lord doesn’t know you, He will let you know when you meet Him for the first time on Judgement Day.

I urge you to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Get to know Him! He’s a wonderful friend. He’s my everything!

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