An Angelic Encounter

Dream – 2.8.2018
I was in a house with some family and for some reason we needed a miracle. This woman came to the door and I just knew she was an angel. I was so excited to see her and wanted her to stay. People were skeptical about her being an angel but I knew for sure that she was one. So I followed her as she was leaving. She got in her car as if she was going to drive away, but I knew she was going to disappear out of thin air. I was telling everyone to follow her with me but they stayed inside. She drove off and went around a corner then disappeared. I ran back in the house to go look into the sky out of a back window. I seen a big airplane pop out of nowhere and I was saying, “look, look that’s the angel!” Then feathers and palms fell out of the sky into the house all over me (John 1:32; 12:13). Then the angel popped back up and was smiling. 

I believed she was my personal angel. I remember being in the pediatrician office and was worried about the medicine and needles harming my children. So I prayed for it not to harm my children. I ended up getting a shot myself in my hands. I had my hands raised as the doctor put a needle in my right hand. The angel touched my left hand and I couldn’t feel any pain. I remember being late because I had to walk or run to catch a bus but I had on raggedy shoes. The angel went to a stand and purchased me a pair of name-brand shoes by Christian Louboutin soft and pretty sandals, slippers or flip flops. She used something I had to exchange it for something better because we didn’t have money.

When I woke up, I instantly realized that the angel was actually a manifestation of Jesus Christ. Her name was Glory or Gloria. She was always smiling. I was telling everyone how she made me happy and took away my anger and other bad stuff. The Bible says that we don’t worship angels (Revelation 19:10). Besides, the works she was doing in me and for me could only be Jesus Himself. I believed in Jesus and was aware of the supernatural even when people thought I was crazy. God cares about me, even the little things. He is with me and He loves me. He’s my provider, healer, guidance counselor, and friend. I walk with the Lord and His Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of me.

Though, I believed I encountered an angel, I strongly believe it was actually Jesus because my dreams must always be interpreted. What I see in the supernatural has a specific meaning. It’s never what I think but what God thinks.

It’s kind of funny because I’ve been desiring to see my guardian angel manifest in the natural. I see flashing and sparkling lights daily in my home. I feel as though I sense angelic presences. I’ve been talking to God about it and wanted to meet my angel. This dream tells me that I should desire more of Jesus instead. He is far more important. Only Jesus is to be worshipped. He should be our greatest interest and desire.
I also saw some old friends in the dream that I’m not friends with anymore. They seemed as if they changed for the better. But I don’t feel led to reconcile our friendships. I feel led to pray for their relationships with God.

At one point she said not to worry about End Time events that can stress me out. Just be happy and walk with God.

WOW! These visions and heavenly encounters in my dreams have been coming in more rapidly in this season than ever before (almost every night). Last week (2.1.18), I had a dream where I was eating on a paper towel. When I finished eating, the paper towel read, “you’re blessed, gifted and anointed.” It was a handwritten message from God in white ink. I had to hold it to the light to read it.

God is still speaking to His people. Lose the distractions and pay attention so that you may hear God’s Voice clearly. He has good plans for your life!

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