My Promised Land

GLORY be to God! The Quetant’s are NEW 1st time home owners! It wasn’t easy but ALL things are possible with God. This is a testimony! If you can, please stay and read my story. ♥

Around this time, last year, God told me that we were buying a house next year (2016). I stood on His Word and declared that His Will would be done. Despite, what it looked like, God showed Himself faithful. I had to trust His timing. Though, it didn’t happen when I thought it did, it still happened. It’s mid-Dec and the year isn’t finished so God wasn’t finished with me yet! So, I will praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

This past summer in Orlando, FL, we were purchasing a ‘fixer-upper’ house. I spent almost everyday tiredly looking for new paint, carpet, tile, countertops, and balancing out all of the costs. We had chiesty realtors and contractors. We spent and LOST our money going through Escrow just to turn the house down. As much as we were ready to buy this house, I wasn’t completely satisfied. Something didn’t feel right…Out of no where, God told us to back out & move to ATL, GA! I’m like, “Huh!? Really, God? After all of this hard work & money spent! You expect us to move ” Yet, I heard His voice gently & clearly.

He spoke to me through Genesis 12:1-3. God speaks to us through His Word! It’s not magical or rocket science. God speaks to us through His Son Jesus Christ: the written Word.

Here’s what resonated on my heart ♥ :

Now the Lord said to Abram,
“Go forth from your country,
And from your relatives
And from your father’s house,
To the land which I will show you;
And I will make you a great nation,
And I will bless you,
And make your name great;
And so you shall be a blessing;
And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”
We weren’t able to get to Georgia at that moment because of demonic hindrances. I had to command what was being held up to be released in Jesus’ Name! I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than God’s BEST. So, I stayed in prayer constantly. It’s a spiritual warfare. We must fight from Jesus’ victory to get what we want. We have authority “the keys” to command things in heaven onto earth!

I wanted to give up. I was being fleshly, so I was like, “just forget it! It just isn’t God’s Will.” But, then, I had to remember the Bible. God really DOES wants best for us. He gave the Promised Land to the Israelites as an inheritance so I knew He wanted the same for us! It IS HIS WILL that we enjoy life & live comfortably. So, I started looking up NEW houses in GA. I wasn’t about to deal with another ‘fixer upper.’ (HGTV looks good on TV! However, it’s hard work DIY in real-life LOL)… I found a NEW house online, printed it out & placed it on the refrigerator. Each time I thought of that house, I decreed & declared it in Jesus’ Name!

Though, it physically looked impossible to get to GA, I trusted God to provide a way. And surely, where He guides, He provides! 6 mos later, we got the call. The same people who told us NO told us YES!  Relocation services are provided & $0 closing costs! Our landlord even canceled our lease! We will be moving into our NEW home exactly 1 month from today on our baby girl’s 1st birthday. Look at God. If we would’ve moved into that house we would have to deal with all of that mess. And even worse, my husband’s best friend passed away during this time and was buried just walking distance from that little house. Wow! God knows what He’s doing! It’s already hard enough letting go. It would be all the more harder on us having that cemetery not too far away(Genesis33:4)… WOW GOD was looking out! ♥

Let me be clear though! I don’t deserve this because I pray, fast, attend church, sow, read the Bible & be a ‘good ol Christian’. I do those things out of my love and PERSONAL revelation of Jesus Christ. These blessings aren’t based on obedience because I fail sometimes. I’m not living under Moses’ Law like the Israelites. It’s called God’s Grace/FAVOR! Although, we do have to decree & declare things to get what we want. But, Grace is simply available all because of God being moved by our FAITH! Just yesterday I planted another seed out of my sincerity for this particular ministry that’s been spiritually feeding me. It wasn’t much because I don’t work but God can do BIG things with so very little (Zechariah 4:10). I wasn’t expecting to receive anything in return. In less than 24hrs God flipped my seed hundredfold!! It’s all about sacrificing things to express our total trust in God. He honors that. Giving is the baby step of faith. As hard as it is, it’s actually the very least thing we could do for the Kingdom of God. Don’t rob God from tithing. It’s still necessary because ministry costs money ya know… And, it’s a spiritual principle to give to God! You’ll rob yourself from His favor. I’m telling you! Don’t worry about where the money is going. It’s God’s not ours! Just thank God for it and honor Him with it. He sees everything… He will bless you for genuinely sowing into His Kingdom even if it that tithe didn’t go where planned.

Because of Jesus’ shed blood we can have life abundantly (John 10:10). I learned to be patient & obey the Holy Spirit. Funny thing is, I asked God to help me receive His patience and to help me be more sensitive to His Holy Spirit and this is how He tested my faith! If I would’ve disobeyed, nothing would’ve changed. I want to encourage you to rest in God’s Word. If you pray & believe Him for ANYTHING according to His Will, it will be done! Don’t get caught up in the “how” & “why?” I literally had a vision of Jesus walking down a narrow path & telling me to follow Him & not look to the left & the right.” (That’s where my “Bible Journey” book cover idea came from…) You will sink like Peter did when he walked on water & took his eyes off of Jesus. Just look to Him & believe. You must have F A I T H! =)

And ANOTHER THING! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR FINANCES!! As a matter of fact, don’t you worry about A THING! Jesus said to cast ALL of our cares onto Him. Worrying about our bank accounts is a trick of the enemy. God isn’t looking at your wallet. He’s looking at your heart for faith. God provides for me. I’m able to tithe faithfully and not feel worrisome about where my next source of income will come from. He provides each and every time and right on time! No, gov’t assistance or begging from others. God provides! (Phil 4:19)

I’m totally convinced that He IS the ONLY Way! I’m ready for this NEW season of NEW beginnings! God is good ya’ll. If you don’t totally agree, then I must inform you that it’s YOU who needs to change NOT God.

Have faith, take action & be patient. Better is coming in due time! Don’t give up!! Change your mindset. Always pray and DAILY renew your mind to His promises and rest in Him.

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