Desire a Relationship with God

What bothers me the most is these social media “relationship pastors.” These guys and gals are our modern day love doctors. All they preach about is finding your mate. And, it really erks my nerves! 

Yes,  I am happily married, equally yoked, deep in love and all of that good stuff. But, nothing compares to my relationship with God. My husband loves me like Christ loves His church but still, no one loves me like Jesus. I know that I am an awesome wife but I don’t love him more than Jesus loves him. God is first and both of our lives. We love God more than our own lives. There’s no compromise. We put Jesus first. When either one of us are caught praying we make sure to be polite and to not disrupt each other. First thing in the morning, he goes downstairs and reads his Bible while I stay upstairs and read mine, pray or whatever. We desire God more than each other. Don’t get me wrong, we are very intimate. We just make sure that we worship God through Jesus and not other gods. 

I believe that social media is pressuring single folks. I don’t even like to post pictures because I don’t want people coveting what the LORD blessed me with… It really sucks… Everyone wants a mate but what about Jesus? If you got married would you forget about Jesus? After all, He gave up His life for us. It is not good for man to be alone. Correct! But, no one is to have all of your mind, soul, heart and strength but GOD! I only have eyes for my husband and I he’s my favorite person (after Jesus). But God has my heart altogether. I’m a woman after His heart. And my hubby is a man after God’s heart as well.

I refuse to preach about finding husbands. The Bible says that a man finds his good thing not vice versa. So, women stop praying for husbands and wanting to be modern day Ruth. She didn’t pray for a man. She dedicated her life to God, He blessed her THEN her husband found HER. Don’t miss this! She used to worship false gods in a pagan nation. She decided to stay with her first husbands mother and worship her God (ALMIGHTY!) She converted and became a Christian. She knew that her MIL’S God was the One True God. So she too became a woman after God’s heart and an ascendant of Jesus. Boaz came later. Her story is a beautiful testimony about her faith not her desire for a man.

Matthew 6:33 (my favorite) says to seek 1st the kingdom of God and all those things will be added onto you as a plus! [emphasis added]

…Just weeks before I met my husband I decided to take my relationship with God to another level. I fell back in love with Him. I was isolated, serious and ready to start all over. Most of all, I was content in my singleness. I told myself that my next relationship would be my last. And even if I never got married, I was good with Jesus. At that moment I began to talk to God about the qualities that I selfishly wanted in a man. We can talk to God about anything. But, I was being selfish because I listed most things that had no significance. He had to be a man after God’s heart so that we may be equally yoked, athletic, purpose driven, in college and all of the things that I was doing at that time. 
Guess what? About 3 weeks later, I turned around and there he was sitting behind me in class!! Almost daily I reflect on that… I had to mention this stuff in my wedding vows so that people could hear what God did for me when I surrendered my life to Him.

God’s Word is infallible. Every Word of God is TRUE! Just seek Him and He’ll feel so honored to be loved by you that He’ll give you the desires of your heart.

Don’t seek God for the benefits. Seek Him just for who HE IS! He IS AWESOME! I was content and totally in love with Jesus. I was sure that this time I wasn’t going to let a man get in the way of my relationship with God. To my benefit God gave me a man OF God to help me build up my faith as I do the same for him. Marriage is ministry.  It’s totally about growing together in Christ (iron sharpening iron). NOTHING in marriage is built on self. It is designed by God and He must be the head, the core and the foundation. 

So stop praying for a mate. Pray to God in thanksgiving just for who He is. He gave us Jesus and that’s ALL the love that you will EVER Need! Love is Jesus offering His body to be beaten and hanging on the cross dying for us. No man or woman can EVER love you like Jesus!!

But when marriage comes, make sure your marriage represents God’s definition of Love. He wants you to desire a relationship with Him more than being with a human. Let Jesus be all the MAN that you need first. That’s what I did. And it worked out fine for me. I lack no good thing. God supplies everything that I want and need because I desire Him more than anything. This is what God wants from all that say they “know” Him.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY HUBBY! And He loves me! But we wouldn’t even know what love looked like without looking to Jesus and accepting His LOVE! I desire for you to strengthen your faith and relationship with God through reading His Word and obeying His Will. He loves you sooooo much and wants you to love Him more than your own life and selfish desires. He will come in and rock your world boo! But, you must surrender your plans to His. He loves you more than anyone. He died for YOU! 

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16

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