Book Review: A Better Way to Pray

I am honored to participate in this blogging opportunity as a book reviewer for Andrew Womack’s “A Better Way to Pray!” I entered a book giveaway contest and was chose to review this book before the contest even ended. Can we say, “FAVOR!” Honestly, I prayed that I would win. I was confident of winning because I desperately needed more understanding in my current season. God knew what I needed and He supernaturally provided a way for me to read this book in just the right time!!

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I’ve been following Andrew Wommack’s ministry for a little while now thanks to my awesome Mother-in-Law for introducing me to his teachings. She’s a recent graduate from Charis Bible College, an extension of Andrew Womack’s ministry. 

Over the past couple of years she’s provided me with CDS, DVD’s, articles, sermons, e-mails, newsletters, audio sermons, and even gave me her password to view his bible commentary! I later downloaded it to BOTH of my laptops. I printed out nearly all of the teaching articles and shared them with my friends and on social media.

So far I’ve read 2 of his books and shared everything that I learned with my husband. I learned more in two of his books than all of the false religious teachings that I heard in church all of my life. Minister Wommack has sound teaching that goes hand in hand with the Bible without sugarcoat.
Womack is a minister/teacher of Grace. I never new a thing about this NEW COVENANT of Grace. I grew up as a religious Christian. I didn’t know much about the Bible or what Grace even meant… As for prayer, I thought it was only to confess our sins not to connect with God on a personal level. Since, surrendering my life to God and getting to know Him through His Word, I’ve seen a big difference in my prayer life. I found that the best way to pray is to confess and meditate on bible verses throughout my day. My prayer life has been very good. But now that I’ve read this book I’ve gained a lot more understanding. I feel as though God is pleased with my willingness to seek more wisdom and understanding by praying to Him to use Andrew Wommack to minister to me! I am so glad that he chose to obey God’s calling on his life. He has helped me in ways that he will never know. Thank you!

Here’s a list of some of the great things that I’ve learned in “A Better Way to Pray:”

  • As soon as we pray (according to His Will) God hears and answers our prayers instantly! Though, it may take sometime to see physical manifestation, spiritual manifestation has already taken place. We may pray for faster manifestation. Healing should be instant. 
  • God’s answered prayers aren’t based on our physical senses. As soon as we pray in faith, we must receive it by faith that’s it’s done. God is preparing the way in the supernatural realm. It may take a while to reach our physical world.
  • Jesus taught to heal the sick not to pray for them. My husband lost his best friend 9.4.16 to colon cancer. He was only 26 years old. I read in my Bible that Jesus said to lay hands on the sick and even raise the dead. Before his friend was diagnosed with cancer 12/2015 I had just finished reading Andrew’s “Believer’s Authority.” We aren’t suppose to beg God to heal someone. He told us to do it because we have His Holy Spirit within us. I don’t know what our friend was surrounded with but I know that I confessed “You are healed in Jesus Name… Cancer be removed from his body in Jesus Name.” (and things of the like…) When my husband called me with the heartbreaking news, I prayed to have him raised from the dead. Still, he stayed dead. My faith was tested greatly. But I don’t doubt God’s Word! I believe that our friend had accepted the news that his doctor told him and was ready to be with the Lord. And he still won. I don’t believe it was God will for him to die early. I don’t believe that God gave him sickness because God is good. I believe he was under a demonic attack and he chose to go home. To live in Christ is to win and to die in Christ is gain. So either way, he won that fight and Jesus loves him the same. 
  • Prayer is talking with God. It’s unnecessary to pray at a set time daily or to pray for hours or for long periods of time. God just wants us to communicate with Him. 
  • We don’t have to beg and plead with God. If it’s in His Word, it is ours. We can come boldly into His presence. He knows what we need before we ask. 
  • We should enter into His Gates with thanksgiving. Thank God for His greatness. When we seek first the Kingdom of God, things are added onto us as a PLUS.
  • God uses people to reach us. No need to pray for money because God doesn’t have money, He has people. He supernaturally provides through people. He supplies all of our need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!
  • Praying in tongues produces supernatural results.
  • When we pray we must believe and not doubt. Doubting is unbelief and hinders our prayers from getting answered.
  • Don’t give up when we don’t see our prayers answered in our timing. We can be sure that our prayers are answered and are on the way.
  • God doesn’t say “no.” A delay is not a denial. All God’s answers are “yes” and “amen.”
  • We aren’t to pray as believers of the Old Testament. They we’re under a different covenant because Jesus Christ had not yet gone to the cross. The Lord’s Prayer is an old covenant prayer and only an example of how to pray. It’s not a New Covenant prayer. Jesus was only showing us how to pray: Thanksgiving, confidence, trust and total faith. Born-again believers must pray in the Name of Jesus.

I really enjoyed this read. Next to my Bible, this is by far the BEST book that I’ve ever read!! It is very important that we Christians, pray according to God’s Word. There are incorrect prayers. We may enter into His presence boldly but we must be careful of our heart attitudes and our words. The Bible says that we can have what we say. There is life and death in the power of the tongue. Therefore, we must speak life when we speak to God. 
Prayer is our most powerful weapon. The prayers of a righteous person availeth much. We ought to take our prayer life more seriously. We must pray without ceasing by talking to Him throughout our day. He is always talking to us so we must respond and listen. Prayer is a dialogue not a monologue.  

We must pray correctly. God wants us to bless Him with our thanksgiving. God is blessed when we thank Him and praise Him!! No need to be loud, sorrowful all of the time, begging or pleading. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He wants us to meet with Him daily for praise and worship not begging for what’s already been supplied to us.

We don’t have to confess our sins every single day. Rather, we should thank Jesus for forgiving us our sins. Repentance is to change direction not keep reminding God of your sins. Believe that Jesus died for past, present and future sins once and for all. His blood has washed you clean for forever. 
I highly recommend that YOU read this amazing book! Every Christian needs the Word of God in their life and to be actively praying to our Heavenly Father according to His Word.In just a few days, I’ve gained so much understanding of the reason for prayer. Prayer is not all about repentance. It’s about communicating with our Father and loving on Him as He loves on us. 

My life has been greatly impacted. I will be careful of what I say in prayer and to remember to always thank God for everything. It’s a privilege to be able to talk to God. It’s an honor to have the POWER OF PRAYER! Andrew’s perspective of prayer has absolutely benefited my prayer life. I hope that it’ll do the same for you. 

Order your copy NOW! and share with everyone that you know!

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