Repent or Perish

I’ve only shared this with a couple of people but I’ve been inspired to share this with you all. I’ve witnessed God show me visions in dreams a number of times. And not until recently have I realized that those dreams were actually visions *out of body experiences*. Now I ask God to reveal them to me before I forget about the dream. A few days ago, after I was eating lunch I felt the urge to go and pray. I was going to just sit and pray but I ended up falling to my knees. I still didn’t feel right so I fell on my face. I prayed my heart out and then a heavy tiredness came over me. I was feeling well rested beforehand… I fell asleep for 3 hours and my kids were asleep the entire time (this never happens!) The dream started off really sweet. I was in a really cute ice cream shop watching the people eat, talk and laugh. Then, an evil man came into this ice cream shop with a heavy machine gun and killed around 10+ people. He was was checking to see if everyone was dead, if not he would shoot them again. He found one guy still breathing so he shot him repeatedly. Then, he stood over me looking angry and seen that I was alive but he couldn’t shoot me. The other guy came back to life and he shot the guy again! The guy came back to life in a demon form and then, dragged the evil guy under the ground. And then I woke up trembling! I was asleep for hours and it was evening. Once I calmed down, God revealed my dream without me having to ask this time… 

The ice cream shop representing “sugar coated, watered down preaching.” You know, when we talk about God’s love but not His judgment… It’s danger in preaching the half-gospel. God doesn’t like lukewarm Christians. He wants to comfort us and also confront us! He wants us to love Him but also repent. He doesn’t want us to only attend church on Sunday’s but live like hell during the week. Jesus sacrificed His life so we must crucify our flesh, die and rise with Him in a new life. (Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:17)
The guy with the gun couldn’t touch me because God’s hedge of protection covered me because I was a born again believer in Christ. This comforted me because I’ve been struggling bad with fear of Christian persecution (1 Timothy-2 Timothy). God is trying to strengthen my confidence so that I can be used by Him to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve prayed to be used by Him and He’s answered my prayers. I got what I asked for and I must obey or people will continue to suffer from lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)
The guy that came back to life represented Repentance. God’s patience with us is slow in our eyes. Evil is only being tolerated for a little while longer because God’s greatest desire is that we all repent as long as their breath in our bodies. The time is coming when it will be too late to rant to get right with God. Repent or perish. (Luke 13:3)

“For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only begotten son, so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

This means that we should repent and believe. They both are one in the same. We must do both. Not just confess. We must confess Jesus as Lord, ask for forgiveness & be changed.

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